Presentation Design
When designing presentations, my approach is to construct a visual story. By collaborating with presenters, I create concise visuals that focus on core ideas that let the presenter speak freely. This approach allows the audience to focus on the content being presented, rather than overloading the audience with information. 
To facilitate a high quality of design and fast turnaround times for high-level executives, I looked through older presentations to find ideas that were recurring themes. I then created templates with different visual approaches to similar talking points. In doing so, I was able to design ahead of time so that only minor changes would be needed once the input was handed off. I was also share this template widely to allow for easy modification by other designers or even the presenter if needed.
As an example, these are some slides that were created using this "made-to-measure" presentation approach. By getting in front of the design, I was then able to work with the presenter to further articulate his story in a way that made him feel comfortable and confident.
To create some dynamic effect, I sometimes use subtle animations to create some dynamism for a high level keynote presentation. What is critical is that the animations used are not excessive or distracting. 
These are some slides I designed while I was at Citrix to illustrate abstract ideas.
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