Motion Graphics: UBS
Creating motion graphics about financial services presents a narrative challenge:  Dense information must be made compelling to the audience through animation. By analyzing user engagement data, I found that shorter, "snackable" videos were more effective at driving users to the UBS webpage, and ultimately engaging with the firm. To make videos more compelling, I focused on presenting a prospective client's financial goals in human terms, instead of with jargon. My aim was for videos to be relevant, friendly, and light, like any first meeting with a prospective client.
The concept for this video was how there are many self proclaimed "financial experts" sharing investment strategies. This also leads conflicting advice that's often found when looking for advice on the web. This piece establishes that UBS' reputation as professionals with expertise to guide clients through their lives.  
This video is an overview that explains UBS Sustainable Investing strategy to a client and explains how it can not only be in line with a client's ethics or values but also have good financial returns. 
Short quick hit motion graphics piece for web sharing some stats from UBS Investor Watch
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