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When designing web pages for UBS, one of my key design principles was to value the user's time by showing information that was direct and pithy. The main objective of the webpages is to attract prospective investors to contact a UBS advisor in order to best assist them with their needs. This was a challenge, as there are many business stakeholders with differing perspectives on the design. While addressing their needs, I was also able to keep the experience concise, pithy, and focused on the call to action.
Wealth, from your point of view
There are two primary objectives of this website:
1) Convey a high-level overview on the value of UBS' unique investing perspective to attract prospective clients.
2) Prompt site visitors to take action by engaging with a UBS financial advisor via the site.
The design aimed to distill a somewhat complex concept of five basic questions about a clients' life goals into three investing strategies. 
Originally, the ask from business stakeholders was to have all of this information on a single page. However, that would have been overly burdensome for users to scroll and click, and to absorb a large amount of information.
To resolve this challenge, I aimed to design a succinct experience that values the user's time, by presenting the most pertinent information so that they can make a decision to take the call to action.
I spread the information out through an overview page (shown here), and separate investing strategy pages (shown below.) The design conveys the five life questions in a scannable format using icon and light text, while the strategies link out to their own pages.
To tie the entire experience together, I selected photography that corresponds to the theme of wealth from the user's point of view. This is mirrored from the overview page, to the specific strategy pages, matching copy throughout.
The strategy pages also use an "at a glance" approach to visually prioritize key concepts of each strategy, then provides additional information should a user want a deeper dive into the content.
The "Let's talk" CTA buttons are placed to capture lead generation at varying point. The first CTA is below the hero image, in case the user arrived from a paid digital channel, and is already prepared to engage with the firm. The second CTA is below the "life's questions" section to capture their interest after they read through the overview content.

This page design aims to ground the user with a hero image that establishes the message. I also introduced a new visual element, the "dialog box" in red, to connect the thought with the photographic element. This introduces the premise of UBS' solution to financial uncertainty, in this case around the economy unpredictability around the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a "Let's talk" CTA button easily accessible above the fold, should a prospect or client be steered to the page through an ad campaign and they want to engage directly.
If not, the page presents some key stats based on UBS research as to how investors are feeling about their wealth in uncertain times.
Following the stats there are three videos highlighting actual UBS clients' experiences with investing to present specific use cases.
This flow of information presents a quick, high level topic that aims to promote further discussion with a financial advisor as to how best UBS can serve a client's specific financial needs.
Sustainable Investing
Similar to the Unpredictable page above, there is a hero image with the red UBS "dialog box" and an introductory paragraph that establishes that UBS is a leader in sustainable investing. There is also a CTA button that leads to a form to prompt users to contact a UBS Financial Advisor.
Following that, the page presents its case for UBS services, with an overview video (which I art directed as well).
Below there are some key stats, on this page presented with relevant articles that go deeper on the specific topics of millennials' interest in sustainability, and how sustainable funds outperform comparable funds.

This is followed by a key stat, presented in a infographic style of how there is a broad desire to "make the world a better place" and an activity stream of fresh UBS insights around this topic and the accolade of being #1 in Impact investing from Euromoney.

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